About Jonathan

One often contemplates traveling to the African continent and a few of us lucky enough have had this opportunity. However as a member of this very exclusive group journeying to South Africa, you will be among the extremely few to experience this natural wonder of the world with such an inspirational and uniquely talented human being. Not only will you enjoy intimate moments on safari with this gifted singer, two-time Grammy nominated songwriter and guitarist, you will also get to experience Jonathan’s South Africa.

Jonathan is South African to his core. Born and raised in Cape Town, Jonathan Butler spent his youth under the shroud of apartheid, an official government policy of political, legal, and economic discrimination against non-whites. His escape was music. The youngest of twelve children, he began singing publicly in South African townships at the tender age of seven. Not even in his teens, Jonathan Butler’s talents as a singer and guitarist were recognized and he soon found himself touring his poverty-stricken country in a travelling variety show. Though his musical abilities would soon take him away from the world he grew up in, Jonathan would neither forget the plight of his fellow South Africans nor the man who ultimately led them to freedom. Mandela. At thirteen, Jonathan’s talents caught the ears and eyes of British record producer Clive Caulder. He was signed to Caulders Jive Records and as the old cliché goes, the rest is history.

Jonathan is the product of faith. Spanning twenty-eight years, fifteen albums and over one million records sold, Jonathan Butler the artist is undeniably one of the most successful musicians of the last quarter century. However, to Jonathan Butler the man, success is measured on a higher plain. A devoutly religious and spiritual man, Jonathan has devoted his life to being a better husband to his wife of twenty years, a better father to his three teenage children, and a better citizen of his homeland, South Africa.

Jonathan is the product of community. The systematic destruction of his culture by poverty and oppression left a lasting impression on the young man. Music had given him the means to escape from the clutches of apartheid, but time has given him perspective on his past, and brought him back to Cape Town. Jonathan returns to South Africa often, leading humanitarian and charity efforts for the less fortunate. Jonathan serves on the Board of Directors for the Acres of Love organization, a South African non-profit that cares for abandoned, HIV positive infants and children. He performs at numerous benefit concerts for Acres of Love, including the Third Annual Sunset Serenade. An inspiration to his people, Jonathan acknowledges the challenges of growing up in a nation still recovering from decades of subjugation, but believes in the potential of his people to overcome. Jonathan is a product of the stage. From his early days as an entertainer in South Africa to his numerous world tours to support his records, one thing is for certain; Jonathan is meant to perform. Despite enduring real pain, I know I’m blessed. I’ve got an incredible wife for twenty years now, three beautiful children, and I make a living making music. Life is sweet. - Jonathan Butler

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